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Darkest Fear

Darkest Fear  - Harlan Coben Having read a number of the Myron Bolitar series in no particular order I concur that there is no benefit to reading the series sequentially. Darkest Fear is good but not as potent as some of the other Myron episodes. Win takes more of a backseat thus loosing some of the wit and contrast.

Saving Faith

Saving Faith - David Baldacci As quoted in the book "People who believe themselves to be True patriots tend to be zealots. Zealots, in my opinion are one short step from being lunatics." That is what the book hinges around! Once past the laborious beginning the book grabs your attention and is a good read


Gone - Lisa Gardner This being the first Lisa Gardner book I have read I was pleasantly surprised. Contains adequate suspense and thrill to hold you attention without being excessive. Would have preferred not having started at Number five in the series - the blurb should give some indication that the book fits into a series.

Girl Missing

Girl Missing - Tess Gerritsen Girl Missing is touted as Tess Gerritsen's first cross over from Romance to Thriller. Does not quite fit into either mould but a great deal better than the previous books. A quick easy read saving the thriller morsel to the last few pages.

Paths of Glory

Paths of Glory - Jeffrey Archer Being a Major Jeffery Archer fan having read most of his books - I picked up 'Paths of Glory' expecting another great read. This is not the typical Archer story or style. Based loosely on fact it keeps your attention and gives you some insight into the politics that effected the history of the British Empire.


Bloodstream - Tess Gerritsen The more she wrote the better they became. In the beginning Tess Gerritsen novels could not decide if they were romance or suspense (erring to Romance) - - - Bloodsteam is definably suspense. Rather imaginative and slightly predictable, but still a good read.

No Mercy

No Mercy - Colin Forbes Having read a number of Colin Forbes books they tend to become predictable and boring - - - - as though there is a template where the felons change but the heroes say and follow the same pattern. Ok so it is a fictitious novel, but at times overly farfetched. Will do as a quick read not requiring any depth of thought!

By The Rivers Of Babylon

By The Rivers Of Babylon - Nelson DeMille If one manages to get past the first 63 pages, a reasonably good book. BUT (being picky) just how many pilots would say sunset is at 6:18 most work on a 24 hour clock 18h18. The author appears to portray a veneer of Arabophobia through the novel.

In their footsteps

In their footsteps - Tess Gerritsen This is one of her earlier novels. The more books she wrote the better they became. Subsequent Tess Gerritsen stories are far superior. Perhaps the eroticism is included to attract certain readers but does not really relate to or improve the story. A quick agreeable read, but not a page turner!

The Mephisto Club

The Mephisto Club  - Tess Gerritsen The Mephisto Club reminded me of the Dan Brown Trilogy to the extent that I had to check which was published first. I did find this book more enthralling and less monotonous. The Afterword makes one wonder about the amount of editing done to Biblical text to make it fit to a presupposed ideology.

Cold Heart

Cold Heart  - Lynda La Plante I enjoyed the book - kept my attention even through the romantic parts that were not really relevant to the story. Admittedly I was disillusioned with the ending - Sadly No more Lorraine Page exploits.

Call After Midnight

Call After Midnight - Tess Gerritsen A reasonable book, being one to read quickly and forget. I was slightly irritated in that I had the sensation that the author had not done her homework – Many years back I was instructed “If you have not been there do not write about it”!

Over The Edge

Over The Edge  - Jonathan Kellerman Lots of description and detail. Too much detail is….. too much detail. When it takes a page and half to tell how she looked and what she was wearing I tend to gloss over the parts where a new character enters. Slow in the beginning but the last third made it a good read.


Gravity - Tess Gerritsen Translucent green glutinous organisms eating astronauts from the inside out!!! Sci-Fi has never appealed to me ~ but then that is my problem not that of Tess Gerritsen. The book had my attention, I did read the whole book, but did not enjoy it.

A Painted House

A Painted House - John Grisham No Lawyers and no litigation, not a typical John Grisham book. The story has a distinct feel of a John Steinbeck episode to the extent that some of the characters and their experiences could be related to Grapes of Wrath and East of Eden. In the beginning I was not sure where the story was going, at the end I pleasantly surprised with the plot and that Grisham was not only about legalese.

The Lost Symbol

The Lost Symbol - Dan Brown After Angels & Demons and The Da Vinci Code The Lost Symbol feels like more of the same. Some different characters and new location but similar theme. There is much detail and description of symbolism making me wonder if it is there purely to add more pages. I pondered long and hard, should the rating be a two or a three star.